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Insurance Intelligence Automation: Manual Processes vs. AI Revolution

Market Insights Strategy: Traditional Research vs. AI-Driven Analysis

Top 7 Predictions for the Future of Competitive Intelligence

Top 7 Regulatory Intelligence Best Practices for Compliance Success

How to Implement Proactive Risk Management in Your Business

How to Implement Insurance Intelligence Best Practices for Success

Top 7 Essential Market Insights Skills

Strategic Competitive Intelligence: 7 Key Ways Competitive Intelligence Drives Business Success

Top 7 Regulatory Intelligence Key Skills for Professionals

How to Enhance your Business Intelligence for Better Results

Top 10 Regulatory Intelligence Trends for 2024

Top 7 Market Insights Trends to Watch Out For in 2024

Top Business Intelligence Trends of 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Risk Insights: Strategies and Best Practices

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The Importance of Regulatory Intelligence Training for Professionals

The Evolution of Market Intelligence: A Comprehensive Guide for Professionals

How to Leverage Regulatory Intelligence Software for Compliance

How to Leverage Pharma Competitive Intelligence for Growth

The evolving role of the Competitive Intelligence Analyst in modern corporations

5 things to look for in a competitive intelligence tool

7 steps to supercharge your market penetration strategy

How to gather market intelligence

A practical guide to competitive intelligence

The ultimate market research template and guide

How to optimize your market intelligence strategy in 6 steps

THE REBRAND: InfoDesk ushers in a new era of Intelligence

AI Privacy and Intellectual Property Protections at InfoDesk

Wide Narrow recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform, Q2 2023 Report

InfoDesk’s Wide Narrow platform recognized as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Market and Competitive Intelligence Platform, Q2 2023 Report

5 top tips for choosing the right regulatory compliance software

5 steps to create an effective pharmaceutical competitive intelligence process

5 reasons to use competitor intelligence services

4 top tips for automated regulatory compliance

InfoDesk acquires Wide Narrow: Everything you need to know

What is a gap analysis & how does it work?

We are attending CIMICON D-A-CH 2023

Wide Narrow Integrates with OpenAI GPT

How to find your customers' pain points

Gartner & Forresters' new tool reports (we are in)

5 key trends for the consulting industry in 2023

5 keys to a successful message map (and why you need one now!)

22 SWOT Survey Questions You Need To Ask (TO UNLOCK THE TRUTH)

How to identify and act upon relevant regulatory intelligence efficiently

The ultimate guide to competitive intelligence monitoring - 2023 edition

Competitive Benchmarking: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Five competitive forces to shape your business strategy

Upcoming Webinar: Intelligence 3.0 - The era of integrated intelligence

7 Data Sources You Should Use For Competitive Intelligence

The future of the global regulatory landscape

Penetration pricing strategy and when to use it

10 competitive intelligence KPIs you need to track

How to get your competitors pricing - THE ULTIMATE GUIDE

The ultimate guide to launch and scale a field intelligence program

Digging into data: How digital transformation is changing the future of regulatory intelligence

InfoDesk Adds Key Executives to Leadership Team

3 Top Tips for Maximizing ROI on Your Information Management Processes in 2022

Cuadrilla Capital Acquires InfoDesk

Wide Narrow Recognized in 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Competitive and Market Intelligence Tools for Technology and Service Providers Report

5 ways AI is transforming the Pharmaceutical Industry in 2022 and beyond

5 Key Trends in 2022 for the Consulting Industry

How Digital Transformation can help you overcome the challenge of information overload

How to successfully improve your brand reputation using data insights

Digitalization vs Digital Transformation

4 ways technology can help medical affairs find critical insights

Leveraging Technology to Combat Regulatory Overload

LibKey Integration Now Available With InfoDesk

The Hub Artificial Intelligence Ltd (“The Hub AI”) partners with InfoDesk to expand the delivery of real-time regulatory data

A Q&A with scite and InfoDesk

scite and InfoDesk Partner to Help Leading Pharmaceutical Organizations Better Discover, Understand, and Assess Research

8 Steps to Creating the Ultimate Competitive Analysis Template

How actionable insights can transform sales team performance

Turning competitor insights into competitive advantage

How Is AI Changing the Competitive Intelligence Landscape?

Using information to unlock your competitive advantage – Part 2

Competitive Analysis Matrix - 6 Ways to Map Your Competitive Landscape

Using information to unlock your competitive advantage – Part 1

How to Get Competitive Data + 10 Free Sources You Can Use

What is STEEP Analysis - 5 Factors to Predict the Future

7 Trend Tracking Tools You Need to Use Today

The Ultimate Framework for Competitive Analysis + FREE GUIDE

Key trends in 2021 for Consulting

Become a Competitive Intelligence Champion

The high cost of lost insight

Transforming big data into bigger opportunity

Content is key in developing a solution that will last beyond tomorrow

Building a personalized solution… for everyone

Surfacing insights through AI (not that one): Augmented intelligence

The power of targeted intelligence in navigating a volatile landscape

The ‘new normal’ is accelerating digital transformation, but is it going the right direction?

Wide Narrow Lead Business Partner @

Accelerating the journey to success for CROs

Raising the bar on current awareness solutions in the legal industry

Building a current awareness solution that suits the legal industry

The importance of media monitoring for Life Sciences during COVID-19 and beyond

How to choose your technology deployment: From Multi-Tenant to Single-Tenant to On-Premise

Demystifying taxonomies

Life Sciences Supply Chain in Focus: The Impact of COVID-19 on Go-to-Market capabilities

Life Sciences Supply Chain in Focus: The Impact of COVID-19 on Transportation

Life Sciences Supply Chain in Focus: The Impact of COVID-19 on Manufacturing

Life Sciences Supply Chain in Focus: The Impact of COVID-19 on R&D

Data visualization: Complexity to clarity

Closing the case on data silos

Maintaining your information highways to cope with remote working in a time of crisis

A professional's guide to Competitive Intelligence Part 2

A professionals guide to Competitive Intelligence – Part 1

Personal-AI-zation: How will AI manifest itself in information management?

3 steps to more confident decision-making in your organization in 2020

Key trends in 2020 for Consulting

ConTech 2019 – Our key takeaways

The Future of Intelligence: How will Information Management be affected?

The Future of Intelligence: Human or machine?

The changing face of Knowledge Management teams

Wide Narrow is hosting CIMI.CON evolution USA

2019 SIR Annual Conference & Exhibit Fair

4 reasons to centralize your information management

4 steps to getting more from your information

How to drive the use of information tools within your organization

Rounding up SLA Conference 2019

Cimi.con 2019, Berlin, July 2nd – 3rd

The 10,000-Year Evolution of Business Briefings

MT Newswires selects InfoDesk to Deliver Premium Financial News to Federal Government Sector

SCIP Orlando, 5/6/2019 to 5/9/2019

Key Trends in 2019 for the Consulting Industry

Semantic vs Keyword search: what’s the difference?

Hope to see you at Cimi.con Evolution!

The Growing Value of Mobile-Friendly Intelligence

Defining the Audience for Your Curated Content

Wide Narrow Jinfo Review

What Makes Content Engaging to a Business Audience?

6 Tips to Improve Content Curation and Delivery

What is Targeted Intelligence?

Why “Augmented Intelligence” is Trending

Intuition and the Limits of Natural Language Generation

From Perspective to Wide Narrow®

Meet us in Orlando for SCIP 2018

Finding Agility in Microconsulting Services

Disruption within the Consulting Industry

Key Trends in 2018 for the Consulting Industry

3 Things Executives Should Know About Data Breaches

Five factors to consider when choosing a cybersecurity consultant

5 Reasons Doctors Hate EHRs & 5 Ways Healthcare IT Can Help

Top 5 Technology Trends in Management Consulting

Understanding Semantic Search

Natural Language Processing Makes Sense of Consulting Data

Regtech and NLP: What’s Next in Healthcare Regulatory Compliance

Why CEOs Should Have a Blockchain Strategy

Researchers Find Business Value in Tools for Sentiment Analysis

How to Find Consultant Directories for Niche Industries

Millennials Seek Solid, Employer-Provided Healthcare

Fintech Startups Offer Alternative Career Paths for Consultants

Join us for Cimi.con 2017

Healthcare Leaders Disrupt Payment Models With Data Analytics

Telehealth: The Welcome Disruption

EHR Interoperability in 2017 and Beyond: 10 Key Resources for Healthcare IT Professionals

See you at SCIP in Atlanta

5 Key Facts About Disaster Recovery for EHRs

Digital Agencies and Consulting Firms Converge and Compete

3 Reasons Why Electronic Health Records Belong in the Cloud

Curiosity, AI and the future of Intelligence

International Consulting Culture and the Gig Economy

Great Potential for Predictive Analytics in Healthcare Staffing

Consulting and the Rise of Predictive Analytics

The Blockchain Revolution

Consulting Firms Evolve with the Internet of Things

Baidu Introduces AI-Powered Chatbot for Doctors and Patients

Key Trends in 2017 for the Consulting Industry

How Consultants Are Using Artificial Intelligence with Clients

Carving Out a Niche in Consulting Services: A Review of Consulting Trends

Digital Therapeutics: The Next Major Trend in Healthcare?

The Future of AI in the Workplace: What Industries Will Be Affected?

See you at SCIP in Prague

Perspective for Valmet

Perspective now officially a “SCIP Endorsed Product”

Retail Meets Healthcare for Consumer-Focused Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and Advertising

Consultant Toolbox: How to Find Industry Trends

The Rise of Crowdsourced Consulting Services

CI-collaboration @ BKK and Preem

Consulting Industry Best Practices Trends: A Snapshot of Ongoing Initiatives

Examining the Rapid Proliferation of Consultancy Innovation Centers

Global Pharmaceutical Regulatory Harmonization: An Overview

The Consultant’s Evolving Relationship with Social Media

VC Update: A Roundup of Healthcare Venture Capital Reports

Spotlight on Consultancy Start-up Collaborations

Big Data Trends in the Healthcare Industry: A 2016 Update

Consultant Toolbox: 10 Handy Information Tools for Analyzing Websites

Salary Benchmarking for Consultants: A Review of Surveys, Rankings and Tools

Meet us at CIMI.CON in Berlin, June 27th-28th

Measuring Success: A Review of ROI Analysis of Consulting Services

Elekta scales out Perspective

Meet us at SCIP 2016 in Orlando

Taking on Goliath: A Review of the Offerings of Some Top Boutique Consultancies

The Rapidly Growing Field of Digital Consulting – A Snapshot of Recent Industry Initiatives

Inside the Debate over Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising

The Consultant as the Content Curator: Ably Managing Information Overload

Healthcare Venture Capital Cheat Sheet 2016

Energy market trends

What the Sharing Economy Means for Consultants

Current Pharmaceutical R&D Pipeline Trends