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InfoDeskMar 12, 20242 min read

Just Launched: Personal alerts from dashboards


What is it?

Staying informed on the latest insights has never been easier. We are excited to announce a new feature that has just been launched, personal alerts from a dashboard! 

Anyone, Super User and End User alike, can stay on top of what matters most to them in 3 easy steps:  

1. Create an alert from any content on your dashboard (competitors, topics, products, etc.
2. Select your delivery schedule
3. Get hyper-relevant alerts sent straight to your email inbox 

It’s as easy as that!  


Why should I use it?

It's all about a seamless user experience to empower stakeholders with insights when and where they need them most. Here are more details: 

  • Empower your stakeholders to access the insights they need, on the schedule they need them, while cutting down on hundreds of ad-hoc requests so you can focus on higher impact initiatives.
  • Increase the value of your curated insights with a seamless user experience across email, dashboards,
    search, and embedded dashboards* (*with SSO activated). It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  • Drive engagement with stunning email alert templates that are branded and look great every time.


How to get started?

To set up this feature please contact your Account Manager. If you want to maximize the engagement rate and value of this feature for your end users, consider taking advantage of our SSO solution. Book a meeting with your Account Manager today to learn more. 


Can I subscribe to multiple topics and/or multiple alerts?

Yes, you can subscribe to a single topic or a combination of multiple topics. Just save the alert and then you can create and subscribe to another one.

Can I manage my alerts?

Yes, you can manage your alerts via the Subscriptions feature to turn them on, off or change the schedule.

Are these branded with my company logo/color scheme?

Yes, this feature uses your platforms default newsletter template header and footer which you set up with your implementation specialist during platform implementation. If you haven’t done this, please reach out to our Customer Success team who can help.

What is the difference between alerts and newsletters?

An alert is a user specific automatic email they receive on a cadence they set. Newsletters are usually curated by or set up automatically by Super Users to send to their stakeholders. Essentially, alerts are way easier to set up, newsletters are more flexible in formatting and editorial content curated by Super Users.

What are the different ways my audience can receive email communication?

We have multiple email delivery mechanisms depending upon your strategy and use case. Please contact your Account Manager to find which solution is right for you.

How does the AI work?

This feature leverages natural language processing and machine learning to extract metadata and auto-tag content based on its relevancy to a topic. This is how the posts magically show up at the click of a topic tag/search. This is a portal setting and works in harmony with your manual tagging efforts if you utilize manual tagging, AI tagging, or a combination of both.

Do these work with embedded dashboards?

This feature requires the user's email address so it works within the Wide Narrow platform itself and embedded dashboards with SSO. It doesn’t work within embedded dashboards that use “Machine Users” because there are no email addresses in the database to send the alerts to. Please contact your Account Manager about activating SSO if you are interested.