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InfoDesk Next-Gen Intelligence Platform UI
InfoDeskJun 27, 2024

Unveiling Our Next-Gen Intelligence Platform: Trusted Intelligence Meets Enterprise-Grade AI

Unveiling Our Next-Gen Intelligence Platform: Trusted Intelligence Meets Enterprise-Grade AI

We are excited to announce the launch of our next-generation intelligence platform and integrated global analyst services. This solution combines 24 years of intelligence expertise across hundreds of Global 2000 projects with enterprise-grade AI tools, empowering strategic decision-makers with access to trusted intelligence where and when they need it most. 


Trusted Intelligence at Your Fingertips 

InfoDesk’s transformation was accelerated with the acquisition of a leading intelligence software company in 2023. Now fully merged and enhanced, the updated platform aggregates, enriches, and centralizes qualitative information with unparalleled integrations across premium licensed content, the open web, and internal intelligence sources. By leveraging a proven intelligence workflow enhanced by secure AI tools, our solution streamlines monitoring and analysis, allowing professionals to focus on high-impact initiatives across Regulatory, Pharmacovigilance, Competitive, Market, and Strategic Intelligence functions. Ultimately, the platform, coupled with our global analyst team, empowers decision-makers with seamless access to trusted intelligence via dashboards, newsletters, and popular third-party applications (Teams, SharePoint, etc.). 


Key Benefits & Features 

  • Centralize Trusted Information, Eliminate the Noise: Major upgrades to our InfoLab information management module, including industry-leading content integration capabilities across key information sources (i.e., InfoDesk News Library, Premium Licensed Content, Open Web, Internal Intelligence) and powerful filtering tools to identify relevant signals and eliminate the noise. 
  • Human Intelligence, Assisted by Enterprise-Grade Analysis Tools: Taking a thoughtful approach to security and accuracy, we have combined a proven intelligence workflow fully controlled by customer analysis professionals with secure enterprise-grade AI tools, dramatically enhancing productivity and rapid access to trusted intelligence. These tools include dynamic categorization, rule-based and AI automations, natural language search with AI answer engine, Intelligence Copilot, and a customer portal-specific prompt library. 
  • Democratizing Intelligence Access: Empowering stakeholders has never been easier with natural language search in the platform and dedicated Microsoft Teams apps, including our embedded Intelligence Dashboard app and new AI Intelligence Assistant, which answers user queries based on content in your platform database. 
  • Global Analyst Services Team: Our global team of analysis experts provides tailored strategies, monitoring, curation, and insight delivery (alerts, newsletters, dashboards, reports), aligned with your goals. 
  • Deep Integrations: Our solution seamlessly integrates with Teams, SharePoint, Salesforce, Slack, and more, enabling bidirectional intelligence access and sharing. 
  • Global Translation Support: We serve users on six continents, with global translation support and dynamic in-platform translation tools. 
  • Supporting Multi-Department Use Cases: Improve intelligence sharing and break down silos with interconnected platforms across Regulatory, Pharmacovigilance, R&D, Competitive, Market, and Strategic Intelligence use cases, and more. 


Our Big Vision 

“Our customers leverage InfoDesk across multiple departments to inform decisions that have global impact. We have built our next-generation platform to streamline intelligence analysis and provide seamless access to trusted intelligence where and when our customers need it most,” said Tim Whitehorn, CEO of InfoDesk. We are excited to unveil our fully integrated solution to help customers navigate an increasingly dynamic business and geopolitical landscape. If you’d like to see these enhancements in action and discussion activation options, please contact your Account Manager.