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InfoDeskJun 28, 20231 min read

AI Privacy and Intellectual Property Protections at InfoDesk

With the rising prominence of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs), InfoDesk customers and partners have questions about our data protection measures. We acknowledge the complexity of the AI landscape, characterized by ongoing legal discussions, regulatory inquiries, and pending legislation.

Our Policies for AI/LLM/GPT:

  1. We do not use public services that capture data.
  2. We ensure private usage doesn’t train a public model (directly or indirectly).
  3. Any product using an AI service undergoes a comprehensive data protection and privacy impact analysis to ensure compliance with data security frameworks and laws, including GDPR.

The Practical Aspects:

  1. We do not use public ChatGPT (a product by OpenAI) in our products.
  2. We use best-in-class tools (by OpenAI and others) in private operation modes only. 

Giving you Control

Product features using LLM and GPT may be disabled upon customer request. We have plans to offer user-centric controls over AI feature usage, underpinning our commitment to securing your trust and safeguarding your interests.

Active Monitoring of the Landscape

By actively monitoring rulings, guidance, and laws regarding LLM training and content generation, we will adapt swiftly to changes, allowing us to continually uphold our commitment to privacy and respect for intellectual property.

Our robust security measures have earned the trust of over 100 customers, including some of the largest global businesses. Innovation and responsibility go hand in hand. We are committed to maximizing the application of what LLMs and GPTs can achieve while keeping stringent data security measures, upholding intellectual property rights, and placing our clients' and partners' interests at the forefront. 
Thank you for your trust and partnership.

Best regards,

Brett G. Bonner
Chief Product Officer
InfoDesk, Inc. | Wide Narrow

Brandon Smith
IT Director and Data Protection Officer
InfoDesk, Inc. | Wide Narrow