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InfoDeskApr 6, 20232 min read

InfoDesk acquires Wide Narrow: Everything you need to know

You may have seen through our press release or LinkedIn announcement that InfoDesk has acquired competitive and market intelligence SaaS platform, Wide Narrow.

This merger is not only exciting for all at InfoDesk and Wide Narrow, but for the wider insights market worldwide. With that in mind, we understand that you might have some questions. Let us answer them below…

Q: Will your teams be joining forces?

A: Yes! This is a strategic merge that has been in the works for some time. It is important to us that the merger positively benefits our customers, partners and employees. Our team has already begun to collaborate with our new colleagues at Wide Narrow. Exciting updates to come!

Q: How will this affect customers and partners?

A: There are some really exciting product discussions in the works. From a technical perspective, adding Wide Narrow’s cutting-edge user interface and intelligence workflow toolset to InfoDesk’s enterprise insights platform provides greater value to our customers and further advances our mission. It’s a match made in heaven.

From a cultural and logistical perspective, we will be working as one team. You will get the chance to meet our new colleagues, as we look forward to meeting and collaborating with Wide Narrow’s clients.

Q: How will InfoDesk ensure a smooth transition for customers during the merger process?

A: This is of utmost priority to us. In the short term, we are running our companies in parallel to ensure everything feels like business as usual. That being said, we have begun transition planning, so expect to meet our new Wide Narrow colleagues as we begin to work closely together.

Q: Will there be any major changes to my products or solutions?

A: In the very short term, none at all. Our product teams have just started working together, so we are currently working on a phase 1 integration of key InfoDesk solutions which compliment the Wide Narrow platform. With a more robust product team, we are excited to optimize our solutions to drive flexibility and value.

Q: Will there be any changes to customer support or account management?

A: For now, customer support and account management will continue in its current structure. Simply put, with more global experts, our tools and support will only improve as time progresses.

Q: How will the merger affect InfoDesk’s overall vision and strategy?

A: The close alignment between InfoDesk and Wide Narrow’s strategies was a primary catalyst of the merger. Joining forces enables us to execute faster on this mission and realize our collective vision – a vision which we will continue to communicate as the merge progresses.

Q: Will this affect my current contract?

A: No – this news will not affect your current contract. We have contacted customers who have a change of entity clause in place and everything has been approved in this regard. Please feel free to contact your Account Manager with any questions.

To our clients and partners alike, thank you. For your loyalty, feedback and collaboration – without which this would not have been possible. We take great pride in the business value we have been able to provide throughout the years and appreciate the personal relationships we have forged in that time. 

To our new Wide Narrow colleagues, welcome. We are extremely excited to welcome you to the team and embark on building the next-generation, industry-leading enterprise insights SaaS platform.

The combination of our software, services and people will shape the future of the insights market. This is only the beginning.

Watch this space!