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Report_Forrester Wave Marketing and Competitive Intelligence platform

InfoDesk's Wide Narrow recognized as Forrester leader, notably emphasizing our strong core platform and innovative strategic direction. Find out more.

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Case study_Global insurance company achieves 89% engagement rate, in 13 of the time

Explore how the Market Insights and Strategic Intelligence lead at a commercial property insurer achieved 89% engagement rate, in 1/3 of the time.

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Case study_Automating pharmacovigilance workflows to remain compliant with Health Canadas Foreign Risk Guidance

How the Pharmacovigilance team at a global pharmaceutical organization ensured confident auditing and proactive compliance within the Canadian regulatory landscape.

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Case study_Team of two serves 180k stakeholders, increasing engagement by 857%

Find out how InfoDesk established a centralized repository of insights, increased research efficiency, and fostered strategic communication across a prominent healthcare organization.

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Case study_Developing an AI-powered curated solution to monitor the regulatory landscape

Discover how the Regulatory Intelligence team at a global pharmaceutical organization reduced their manual surveillance time by 53%.

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Case study_Staying one step ahead of the regulatory landscape
Discover how the Regulatory Intelligence team at a pharmaceutical company optimized the way they identify, track and share updates to ensure compliance.READ MORE
Case study_Navigating the information overload landscape
Discover how a marketing team at a multinational consulting firm was able to effectively monitor their key accounts’ landscapes with InfoDesk.Read More
Case study_The power of ontologies in pharmaceutical research
Find out how one of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies ensure optimal data retrieval by using six of InfoDesk’s proprietary ontologies.Read More
Case study_Remaining compliant in an ever-changing environment
“InfoDesk exceeded expectations, gaining over 90% satisfaction from end-users.” Find out how a CRO's Regulatory team optimized their workflow.Read More
Case study_Building an insights solution to power a global law firm

Find out how the Knowledge team at a leading law firm keeps up with diverse information sources to maintain exceptional client service.

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Case study_Optimizing the monitoring of drug development

How consolidating multiple pipeline databases enabled R&D and CI teams at a global pharmaceutical company to stay ahead of their competition.

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Case study_Making business intelligence, intelligent for business

Building a solution that enabled over 12,000 users to provide exceptional client service while driving content ROI at a global financial firm.

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Case study_Staying on top of the regulatory landscape with real-time information

How centralizing information sources in a single hub allowed a Regulatory Intelligence team to drive workflow accuracy, efficiency and timeliness.

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Case study_Keeping intelligence agencies, intelligent

The role of XML normalization, indexing and semantic linking in keeping top US intelligence agencies up-to-date 24/7/365.

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Case study_Developing an early warning system at Automox

Explore how Automox implemented Wide Narrow as a real-time threat detection and early warning system to detect cybersecurity threats.

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Case study_Driving stakeholder engagement as a global life science company

Discover how a life science company increased both intelligence productivity and impact by improving their collaborative workflow, with global access to intelligence deliverables.

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Case study_Delivering timely insights in the face of increasing information availability
Case Study
Case Study

How a US military organization leveraged the latest in AI technology and intuitive content management tools to achieve a 50% improvement in productivity.

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Case study_Efficiently monitoring the latest scientific literature by automating Medical Affairs workflows

How the Medical Affairs team at a global pharmaceutical organization leveraged automation and expert curation to share critical intelligence with key stakeholders.

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Case study_Improving efficiency

Find out how a client saved maximized their content ROI by optimizing subscriptions, removing data silos, and consolidating licenses across the business.

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Case study_Surfacing innovation

How the Business Intelligence group within a pharmaceutical company merged powerful technology and human expertise to deliver timely and targeted strategic insights.

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Case study_Company-wide access to current drug pipeline research on demand

Discover how a pharmaceutical organization maximized the value of their licensed content by automating the sharing of competitive drug
pipeline data.

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Case study_Technologically enabling a strategic consulting firm

Find out how our platform improved time to knowledge, drastically increasing efficiency in collecting and processing market insights.

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Infographic_The future of AI in the pharmaceutical industry

This infographic explores how AI has impacted the pharmaceutical industry, looking at how it is utilized by the top ten pharma companies and how it is shaping the future of the industry as a whole.

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Infographic_Harnessing the power of information

Dive into InfoDesk's guide to harnessing the power of information, helping you combat information overload to maximize your organization's content ROI.

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Infographic_The evolution of the global regulatory intelligence landscape

This infographic takes a deep dive into the origins and milestones of pharmaceutical regulation to uncover how this rich global history is shaping the landscape of tomorrow.

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Infographic_The state of the life science supply chain

This infographic brings together a variety of data points to explore the extent of COVID-19 disruptions on the life science supply chain, including shortages of medications, medical devices and PPE.

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Infographic_Making digital transformation work

"For organizations looking to compete in a modern society, digital transformation is life or death." Explore the importance of investing in data infrastructure to avoid extinction in the digital era.

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Information_Corporate health in the wake of Coronavirus

This infographic breaks down the most important metrics and statistics regarding corporate health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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