Widget Toolkit

InfoDesk’s Widget Toolkit provides organizations with a range of plug-and-play widgets to meet evolving information needs.

Reduce the risk of missing business-critical insights

by improving data accessibility across the organization

Maximize the value of existing solutions

by optimizing the way information is delivered and displayed

Save IT and development resource

by overcoming the challenges of integrating structured and unstructured data

Easily incorporate any of InfoDesk’s widgets into pre-existing solutions, such as internal intranets or collaborative platforms such as SharePoint, to enhance insight delivery and ensure you are getting the most out of your information sources.

Headline Widget

Provides a real-time stream of the latest information headlines on the topics most important to your business

Statistic Widget

Easily understand and analyze your information with real-time statistics

Archive Widget

Automatically archive internal newsletters for up to ninety days of easy access, search and retrieval

Publish Widget

Utilize internal expertise to curate and publish the most important information across your organization

Search Widget

Seamlessly search across all of your information sources with a single query

Visual Widget

Present business-critical information in visually engaging and dynamic displays

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