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Curation services


Receive insights curated by our team of industry experts, without having to lift a finger.

Do more with less

A global team of experts

Consider us part of your team! Leverage our global team of industry experts to deliver high-quality, relevant insights, at scale.

Insights tailored for you

We work closely with you to monitor key insights and build engaging deliverables, shared with stakeholders where they need them most.

A fraction of the cost

Using our Intelligence platform, Wide Narrow, our team of experts deliver high-quality insights at scale, all for a fraction of the price of an FTE.


Our service offerings

Information Monitoring IconInformation Monitoring
Analyst IconAnalyst Services
Email Newsletter IconCurated Newsletters
Report IconIn-Depth Reports
Dashboards IconCustom Dashboards
Earnings IconEarnings Call Reports

Intelligence has never looked so good

It's one thing, to produce and share insights. It's quite another to drive engagement rates well above industry standards. Using proven templates, our curation services team is able to produce highly informative, engaging, and interactive deliverables your stakeholders will love.

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