PipelinePlus provides federated search capabilities for simultaneous retrieval of relevant data from five drug pipeline databases on a single platform.

Simplifies the search process

by providing standardized Preferred Terms for each concept from InfoDesk’s proprietary taxonomy, created by subject specialist editors who have already mapped together variant equivalent terms used in source database indexing

Streamlines query creation

with options to select controlled vocabulary terms from alphabetical or hierarchical lists, or quickly locate Preferred Terms for any synonyms initially entered by the user

Brings together complementary entries

retrieved from individual sources into PipelinePlus Integrated Records for each unique drug product

Finds relevant records

otherwise missed in results of queries executed on separate database platforms. Integrated Records leverage indexing present in any single source to enhance retrieval from other sources

Enables federated alerts

to monitor changes in updated search results, identify new drugs entering the pipeline and track changes in records previously retrieved

Supports free-text searches

for additional concepts found in development summaries or full records

PipelinePlus searches across databases by:

Drug Product Name


Indication/Medical Condition

Target/Mechanism of Action

Development Status/Phase


Route of Administration/Formulation Types

Route of Administration/Formulation Types

  • MAbs
  • Cell Therapies
  • Diagnostics

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