Serving up data paradise

Distributing high volumes of federated information to millions of users around the world since 1999

InfoDesk’s powerful technology enables organizations to consolidate huge volumes of both internal and external information and transform it into actionable insights.

We do this by:

Integrating information from diverse sources in real-time

Normalizing the information into one standardized InfoDesk XML format

Enriching the information through InfoDesk’s proprietary natural language processing

Analyzing this enriched information with AI-driven tools and human curation processes

Delivering only the most important business information to those who need it most in a way which suits them best

You can make better business decisions, faster

Improving the way you manage information is about more than just efficiency. Our solutions enable you to successfully navigate the dynamic business landscape based on the timely, relevant content that our technologies can surface.

You can find the information that you didn’t know you needed

Innovation is often about making unexpected connections between seemingly disconnected information. By removing silos of information and linking it together semantically, we make those connections happen.

You can ensure that the right information finds you

Cutting through the data ‘noise’ and surfacing the information which is most important to you isn’t easy. Through our Smarter Data Process and distribution options, we ensure that this information is easily found and efficiently delivered directly to you.

World-leading organizations turn to InfoDesk

From helping government agencies to integrate huge volumes of internal and external data, to leveraging the value of premium licensed resources in pharma, InfoDesk has worked across many industries to transform the way information is processed, searched and used.

Partnering with outstanding content and technology providers

Our 20 years of experience has enabled us to develop strong relationships with a wide range of organizations who partner with us to deliver our customers the very best solutions.

Cutting through the data noise

By applying AI driven enrichment processes to millions of pieces of data each day, so only the most relevant insights find you

What’s more, our Smarter Data Process works in real-time which means that the organizations we work with never have to worry about missing out on business-critical information.

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