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2020 Vision: The Future of Business Information 

The Smartest Solution for Managing All Your Business Information

Transformative Technology.  Actionable Insight.

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Turn Resources into Intelligence

Our team and technologies turn diverse business information into insights for your organization. We gather external resources with wide-ranging formats and make them all work together. Once organized, this intelligence can be delivered to any device through a solution designed for you.


Consolidate and Normalize


Categorize and Sort


Evaluate and Curate


Customize and Distribute

Complimentary Recording: The Power of Ontologies in Biopharmaceutical Research

In our latest webinar recording we discuss a range of topics, from how and why ontologies are created to trends in future ontology development.
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InfoDesk has developed and offers a host of services that can be specifically tailored to meet your information management requirements.

Content Tools

Content Tools

Consolidate all of your content resources and multiply your productivity.

 Targeted Intelligence

Recieve targeted intelligence updates the way you choose.
Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Get business information in real time from any mobile device.


Centralize all your email alerts to deliver better, more targeted intelligence.


Provide easy access to your valued news and business information.
Federated Search

Federated Search

Stop spending hours searching multiple places for the information you need.


Plug solutions into existing platforms.


Automatically archive your internal newsletters for easy access.


Understand the real value of your content investments.


Drug pipeline searching plus related drug news on a single, easy-to-use platform.

Base Your Business Decisions on Credible Sources

Now more than ever, organizations require a way to ensure that information comes from credible sources. InfoDesk monitors what we deliver through a proven process:

  • Sourcing and creating business information
  • Normalizing and organizing formats of diverse content
  • Curating and interpreting with an experienced editorial team
  • Delivering actionable intelligence to any device

From organizing your external data to putting it in the palm of your hand, we make business information services that satisfy specific needs. To learn more about what we do and how we do it, take a look at our success stories and our roster of clients and partners.

Learn How We Work

Excerpts from a recent published success story: how a pharmaceutical company succeeded through a custom project with InfoDesk

Need: A leading pharmaceutical company wanted to offer every employee access to InfoDesk PipelinePlus, a solution that dramatically simplifies drug pipeline research.

Solution: The company automated the sharing of targeted drug pipeline data across their organization, greatly enhancing the value of their expertise and their licensed content.

Our Products in Action

Learn more about InfoDesk by creating a video that is personalized to explore the needs of your organization.