Competitive Intelligence

Always on the ball

With thousands of signals generated every day, the timely monitoring of competitive insights can feel impossible.



Enter InfoDesk, a platform purpose-built to inform critical decisions about content and technology tools – empowering Competitive Intelligence teams to outsmart the competition and drive revenue growth.

Outsmart the competition


Cut through the noise with precision

With our cutting-edge AI search, pinpoint the precise information you require, outsmarting your competition with rapid, informed decisions


Unleash the power of teamwork

Break down silos across geographies and functions, giving your global team the tools to unlock insights together


Stay one step ahead

Discover the topics and trends your audience needs, with powerful features that drive awareness and engagement


The insights you need, when you need them

Empowering end-users with valuable information that meets them where they are, giving you the competitive edge in decision-making

Professional Services that elevate your workflow

Ready to take your Competitive Intelligence to the next level?

Collaborate with our experts to seamlessly scale up your intelligence gathering and communication efforts

Experience the InfoDesk difference

Unleash streamlined workflows and actionable insights that drive better business decisions