Strategic Intelligence

Every move counts

With each new day comes new business threats and opportunities. In order to stay ahead, Strategic Intelligence teams must keep on top of the latest trends, insights and market shifts.


Enter InfoDesk, a platform purpose-built to gather open-web and premium content – so you can cut through the noise and quickly find the insights that matter.

The ultimate strategic advantage


Strategic intelligence, with precision

Say goodbye to endless searches and hello to quick, accurate results, with an advanced AI-search that gives you the strategic edge


Unlock your team's potential

Break free from information silos, driving smarter, faster decisions with the power to share, store and work on information with your team


Stay one step ahead

Leverage powerful engagement features to anticipate audience needs, delivering the trends and topics that matter most


Meet end-users where they are

Deliver critical insights to stakeholders wherever and whenever they need them, with InfoDesk’s effortless distribution

Professional Services that elevate your workflow

Ready to take your Strategic Intelligence to the next level?

Collaborate with our experts to seamlessly scale up your intelligence gathering and communication efforts

Experience the InfoDesk difference

Unleash streamlined workflows and actionable insights that drive better business decisions