Pharmaceutical and biotechnology

Focus on What Matters

“>As digital transformation evolves, the demand for data-driven decisions within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries has exploded. However, finding the relevant critical insights leaves teams scrambling through a vast landscape to assemble ad-hoc intelligence, costing millions in lost productivity and wasted opportunity. Thats where InfoDesk comes in.

Our leading AI technology empowers you to surface timely, strategic insights that can be effortlessly distributed to stakeholders on demand. By reclaiming your resources you can focus on what matters – driving innovation to achieve organizational success and, most importantly, life-changing results around the world.

Achieve life-changing results with InfoDesk

Strategic Foresight

We can’t predict the future, but we can use foresight to be prepared

Efficiently monitor and uncover insights on emerging trends and technologies not only across health care but also relevant adjacent fields and society at large, so you can focus on refining your strategic intelligence with precision.

Regulatory intelligence

Identify and implement strategic changes with confidence

With InfoDesk, you can efficiently monitor and review incoming reports and triage them with your team and subject matter experts. Proactively manage regulatory strategy, mitigate risk and help your teams navigate compliance with confidence.

Competitive intelligence

Pull ahead in a fast paced competitive universe

InfoDesk empowers you and teams to surface critical insights, so you can efficiently track the innovations of competitors and respond to the evolving needs of patients, market trends and regulatory changes to keep your competitive edge.

Commercial Strategy

Achieve commercial excellence with data-driven decisions

Our platform delivers the market insights and collaboration tools you need to anticipate your customer’s needs and adapt to a changing market, so you can deliver a strategy that will catapult your company to the forefront of the industry.

Research and Development

Providing Research & Development teams with leading AI technology to surface the insights needed to accelerate and optimize the complex drug development process. From discovery and development, to preclinical and clinical research, to FDA review – stay ahead of the competition, with InfoDesk.

Experience the InfoDesk Difference

With InfoDesk, you can count on streamlined workflows, and actionable insights that will drive better business decisions.