Working alongside world-leading organizations

InfoDesk is proud to work with so many industry-leading clients to revolutionize the way they integrate, manage and use their data and information. You can take a closer look at how we have helped clients overcome specific business challenges by browsing through the case studies below.


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Using Insights to React, Proactively

My team is tasked with keeping our stakeholders informed of key developments across the pharmaceutical landscape. It is crucial that we are aware of anything that could impact our business as early as possible so that we can react, proactively. InfoDesk’s ability to deliver succinct and expertly summarized briefings based on our specific needs has given us this confidence while also reducing the time we need to spend seeking information.

Head of Business Intelligence


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Keeping our Competitive Edge

Understanding our competitive landscape is a critical part in being a leading Medical Device organization. InfoDesk’s deep understanding of our industry, the content and technology available to us, as well as their experience of deploying bespoke research projects has enabled us to make highly effective decisions around our CI content and technology tools. I believe this will help to ensure we keep our competitive edge for years to come.

Department Head

Head of Competitive Intelligence at a Top 10 Medical Device company

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Efficiently Distributing Business-Critical Insights

By using InfoViewer, I've managed to halve the time it takes me to curate and distribute critical information to internal teams. Not only do I have more confidence that important regulatory updates aren't missed, I'm also now able to spend more time actioning the insights that contribute to our business success.

Associate Manager

Regulatory Intelligence at a Top 10 Biotechnology Company

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Powering Competitive Intelligence with Programmable Access to Data Services

Discover how the development team at a leading pharmaceutical company was able to build a centralized platform with programmable access, that enabled end-users to access all of their information sources, while giving them powerful information management functionality.

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Using AI to Remove Intelligence Curation Inefficiencies

Discover how the Scientific Information team at a leading pharmaceutical company was able to drive greater efficiency in their information curation processes using AI relevance models.

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Navigating the information overload landscape

Discover how a marketing team at a global consulting firm was able to effectively monitor their key accounts’ landscapes with InfoDesk.

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The Power of Ontologies in Pharmaceutical Research

Find out how one of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies ensure optimal data retrieval by using six of InfoDesk’s proprietary ontologies.

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Remaining compliant in an ever-changing environment

“InfoDesk exceeded our expectations, obtaining over 90% satisfaction rating in our end-user survey.” Find out what we did for a Regulatory team at a multinational CRO to deserve this praise.

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Building an information solution that enables a global law firm to provide a best-in-class service

Find out how the Knowledge team at a top international law firm stays up-to-date with a huge volume of diverse information sources so that they continue to provide exceptional client service.

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Optimizing the monitoring of drug development with PipelinePlus

How consolidating multiple pipeline databases enabled R&D and CI teams at a multinational pharmaceutical company to stay ahead of their competition.

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Making business intelligence, intelligent for business

Designing a solution that enabled over 12,000 end-users to provide exceptional client service while improving their content ROI at a global Financial institution.

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Staying on top of the regulatory landscape with real-time information

How consolidating information sources into a centralized hub allowed a Regulatory Intelligence team to improve accuracy, efficiency and timeliness across their entire workflow.

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Keeping Intelligence Agencies, Intelligent

The role of XML normalization, indexing and semantic linking in keeping top US intelligence agencies up-to-date 24/7/365.

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