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Case Studies

Staying one step ahead of the regulatory landscape

Discover how the Regulatory Intelligence team at a leading pharmaceutical company optimized the way in which they identify, track and share the most critical updates to mitigate the costly risk of non-compliance.

Powering Competitive Intelligence with Programmable Access to Data Services

Discover how the development team at a leading pharmaceutical company was able to build a centralized platform with programmable access, that enabled end-users to access all of their information sources, while giving them powerful information management functionality.

Using AI to Remove Intelligence Curation Inefficiencies

Discover how the Scientific Information team at a leading pharmaceutical company was able to drive greater efficiency in their information curation processes using AI relevance models.


The Evolution of the Regulatory Intelligence Landscape

Download our latest infographic to explore how the rich global history of life sciences regulation will forecast the landscape of tomorrow.

The Future of AI in Pharma

Download our infographic to explore how ground-breaking developments within AI are affecting the pharmaceutical industry – now and in the future.

Making Digital Transformation Work

Download our latest infographic to see how making data accessible, insightful and valuable can help your business make smarter decisions – now and in the future.