Professional Services

The volume of data produced every second is unprecedented. As technology continues to evolve and disrupt at an ever-increasing rate, employee behavior is diversifying in unexpected ways. Though the ambiguity of change may at first seem daunting, all of this brings huge opportunity. Organizations seeking to successfully navigate such uncertainty must strive to acquire and develop infrastructures that will enable both innovation and stability. Here, at InfoDesk, we empower you to do exactly that.

InfoDesk combines robust research methodologies and industry-leading expertise to ensure you are able to make the smartest decisions today, to drive the success of tomorrow.

Information Workflow

By utilizing a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods, our experts work with you to provide validation and insights on how to enhance your workflow processes. These projects enable organizations to exceed business requirements, satisfy end-user needs and future-proof investment into content, technology and information management tools. Our analysis can include:


  • A review of the information sources being used by your organization, benchmarked against industry standards
  • Examination of the effectiveness of existing technologies and tools, segmented by user demographics and workflow requirements
  • Exploration into end-user behaviours to establish workflows, preferences and future needs
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Editorial Services

Our editorial and taxonomy team have over 105 years of combined experience across all major industries from Life Sciences to Finance. By learning about your organization’s priorities and focuses, our team works to provide you with a wide range of information services including:


  • Building bespoke taxonomies that make internal and external information easier to access
  • Creating one-off reports that analyze a specific focus area for your organization
  • Delivering quarterly company performance analyses focused on any company or industry of interest
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Keeping our Competitive Edge

Understanding our competitive landscape is a critical part in being a leading Medical Device organization. InfoDesk’s deep understanding of our industry, the content and technology available to us, as well as their experience of deploying bespoke research projects has enabled us to make highly effective decisions around our CI content and technology tools. I believe this will help to ensure we keep our competitive edge for years to come.

Senior Manager

Head of Competitive Intelligence at a Top 10 Medical Device company