Once we’ve applied our AI-driven technologies, our end-user tools allow insights to be delivered across your organization in a way which suits you best.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all

Which is why we’ve developed a wider range of end-user tools so that your insights can be delivered across the organization in a way which suits your end-users best. 


We also have a range of self-service solutions, specifically designed for IT and development teams.

Content Management


Search, organize, tailor and share real-time insights from a wide range of sources.

Intelligence Briefings


Curated intelligence briefings on topics specific to your organization’s needs.

Mobile App


Deliver the latest news and insights directly to your mobile.

Automated Alerts


Receive notifications on breaking news or updates directly to your inbox.

Information Portals


A centralized hub that displays the information most relevant to you.

Development Tools

InfoDesk API

Programmable access to a wide range of powerful services that can be easily integrated into internal applications

Plug-and-Play Widgets

Widget Toolkit

A range of plug-and-play widgets to integrate our technology with your internal information tools.

Pipeline Federation


Federated search for simultaneous retrieval of relevant data from major drug pipelines.

Company Snapshot

Business Insight

A consolidated snapshot of an organization’s financial and business information in a single report.

Did you know?

The InfoDesk API is able to give your IT and development teams programmable access to many of the product features listed above.