InfoDesk for
Competitive Intelligence

AI-driven technologies and powerful end-user tools to transform huge volumes of internal and external information into actionable insights, enabling you to make smarter competitive decisions.

For over 20 years, InfoDesk has been empowering competitive intelligence teams to...

Surface relevant, real-time intelligence

from a wide range of sources, never missing an update

Deliver targeted insights

to key stakeholders, in a way that suits their workflow

Handle requests

quickly and easily for specific competitor insight

Save time

Enabling teams to add business critical analysis to competitor information

InfoDesk's powerful technology provides a 360 view of the competitive landscape via a range of end-user tools...

Content Management

Search, organize, tailor, publish and share competitive insights to your end-users in real-time.

Intelligence Briefings

Expertly curated intelligence briefings that deliver competitive insights to multiple end-users on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Insights Platforms

Centralized information portal where you can access all of the insights you need in one place.

...And so much more!

We offer a range of best-in-class information solutions to meet every challenge.

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Keep your competitive edge

Understanding our competitive landscape is a critical part in being a leading Medical Device organization. InfoDesk’s deep understanding of our industry, the content and technology available to us, as well as their experience of deploying bespoke research projects has enabled us to make highly effective decisions around our CI content and technology tools. I believe this will help to ensure we keep our competitive edge for years to come.

Department Head

Head of Competitive Intelligence at a
Top 10 Medical Device company

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