Integrate enrich and deliver insights in one place

Who we are

InfoDesk is a leading intelligence management SaaS provider, serving global enterprises, including some of the largest life sciences, government, professional services and financial services organizations in the world. 

Our AI-enabled software ingests data in real-time from information sources through its off-the-shelf integrations and robust suite of APIs, transforming that data into actionable intelligence, curated insights and powerful search capabilities to accelerate and improve decision-making.

Our technology

Our passion for technology sits at the heart of our organization and is reflected in our commitment to R&D. Our breadth of available use cases, ease-of-use and high degree of flexibility are unparalleled in the industry and deliver significant ROI for clients across operational, competitive and regulatory intelligence insights.

Our people

InfoDesk is made up of a diverse global team including experienced software developers, engineers, editors, taxonomists, technology consultants, marketing specialists, and more – all of who are united by an unwavering commitment to “help our clients succeed.

Our mission

The decisions you make every day have the power to impact operational processes, strategy and growth. Your success depends on making the right decisions, at the right time. This is why our mission is to provide organizations with the technology to transform workflows and deliver relevant information, to facilitate making smarter decisions, confidently.