2020 Vision: The Future of Business Information 

Products Overview


Content Tools

Consolidate all of your content resources and multiply your productivity. InfoViewer is our easy-to-use content integration and distribution tool that helps you federate, select and deliver personalized content to your users, and applications. 

[+] Maximize your content resources



Create Briefings with curated content from your sources. InfoMonitor is our custom intelligence, news and media monitoring service that uses our technology and staff of information professionals to produce fully-curated briefing.

[+] Let us create your your dream briefing



Centralize all your email alerts to deliver better, more targeted intelligence. InfoAlert is our personalized email alert service that makes it easy to create, automate and send email alerts on any subject to one or thousands of users.

[+] Automate your email alerts



Provide easy access to your valued news and business information. InfoWatch is our customized information portal solution that federates, filters, displays and delivers the most current, relevant news, information and data from any source.

[+] Build your custom portal


Mobile Apps

Deliver relevant, timely business information that your organization can leverage in the office or anywhere a smartphone can go. InfoPro is our mobile application that customers can personalize by favoriting and sharing content.

[+] Create your mobile app


Federated Search 

Stop spending hours searching multiple places for the information you need. Our advanced Federated Search tool makes it fast and easy to search all of your organization's online content, plus content management systems with a single query. 

[+] Find the information you need



Automatically archive internal newsletters for easy access. Our Newsletter Archive iWidget is a content integration tool specifically designed to help organizations archive and retrieve their internal newsletters and briefings more easily.

[+] Archive your internal newsletters



Make your critical content more visible. InfoDesk iWidgets are a simple solution to deploying critical information across your organization. Our iWidgets are designed to help organizations integrate specific content sets and facilitate access. 

[+] Post content anywhere with iWidgets



Understand the real value of your content investments. Our advanced Analytics tools provide granular detail about how your users are engaging with your content by region, department and user so you can measure and support your information ROI.

[+] Get more advanced analytics



PipelinePlus greatly simplifies drug pipeline searching by bridging (mapping) the key taxonomies of four commercial databases and providing instantly federated results, plus related drug news on a single, easy-to-use platform.

[+] Simplify your pharmaceutical pipeline research