Introducing PipelinePlus 2.0 (New Version)

Get federated drug pipeline results + related drug news--all in one platform

PipelinePlus 2.0 is a new, off-the-shelf, information platform that dramatically simplifies drug pipeline research.


Learn about PipelinePlus 2.0

  • NEW PipelinePlus 2.0 simplifies the creation, maintenance and updating of drug pipeline visualization funnel charts.
  • NEW PipelinePlus 2.0 also offers a new user interface with enhanced search capabilities, including a simplified Boolean search builder. Additionally, users can search (across databases) for updates by date range and search by mechanism of action.
  • Makes it faster and easier to search multiple databases, compare and consolidate results.
  • Facilitates integration of internal data, enabling user annotation of individual drug records and sharing of these customized record with colleagues.
  • Complements federated pipeline search with option to view current, related drug news on a single, easy-to-use platform.

 Download the PipelinePlus 2.0 Fact Sheet