Our end-user tools harness InfoDesk’s technology and expertise to ensure the right information finds you in a way which suits you best. Our Smarter Data technology enables organizations to transform and enrich huge volumes of internal and external information in real-time.


InfoDesk’s many options for distribution mean that:

  • The variety of end-user tools available is wide enough to meet any organization’s needs
  • The most important business-critical information is delivered to the right person, at the right time, in a way which suits them best
  • Integrated content can be scaled accordingly, future-proofing solutions as business requirements change

Content Tools

InfoViewer is an all-in-one content tool that integrates multiple content sources and enables users to personalize, view, organize, publish and export real-time news and information. The resulting insights can be pushed directly to an information portal, the feed of a mobile application or be included in a briefing.

Targeted Intelligence

InfoMonitor is a targeted intelligence service delivering daily, weekly or monthly updates from an experienced editorial team that curates content using InfoDesk’s proprietary technology. Through customized, easily digestible updates, InfoMonitor can push information to multiple end-user solutions, including portals, widgets, mobile apps, email and more.

Mobile Apps

InfoPro is a mobile application available for iOS and Android delivering federated content in real-time that can be customized and filtered on-the-go. In addition, users can also perform in-depth searches while on the move.

Automated Alerts

InfoAlert is an automated service that delivers intelligence updates at specific intervals or when important criteria have been met. Alerts can be set up to notify users based on their individual delivery and coverage preferences.

Information Portals

InfoWatch is a mobile-friendly information portal where federated information can be accessed from a single place. Users are able to search and easily navigate around to find the information which is most important to them.

Development Tools

InfoDirect’s Application Programming Interface (API) gives you the freedom to incorporate our powerful technology into your own development projects. The API federates content directly sourced in real-time, giving your IT Team the power to leverage InfoDesk technology rather than spending time and resources developing technologies from scratch. Content can be set up to arrive via REST or SOAP and available for use from XML or JSON feeds.


InfoDesk provides a range of widgets which can be easily incorporated into pre-existing solutions to enhance workflow efficiency and ensure organizations are getting the most value out of their information sources.

 Some examples of the widgets in our portfolio include:

  • The Federated Search iWidget
  • Newsletter Archive iWidget
  • Data and Analytics iWidget
  • Curated Headline iWidget

Pharma Intelligence

PipelinePlus helps life science organizations streamline their drug pipeline research. Users are able to carry out a federated, semantic search across four major drug pipeline databases, enabling them to easily retrieve, consolidate and save results.

Company Intelligence

Business Insight makes it easy to generate and share a single report on any company from distinct, premium data sets. Users can create one formatted report from dozens of commercial data points with just a few clicks.

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Bespoke Solutions

We appreciate that some organizations have complex sets of business challenges which may require alternative solutions. Our extensive experience in development means that we are able to work with organizations on a consultancy basis to deliver bespoke solutions.


If you’d like to understand more about which solutions would be most beneficial for you and your business, don’t hesitate to get in contact.