InfoViewer is a content management platform that enables you to search, organize, publish and share real-time insights to end-users in a number of ways. This includes targeted newsletters, internal intranet sites, and mobile applications.

Find the most important insights to your organization

by using Machine Learning to improve the relevancy of your search results

Facilitate strategic decision-making

by simplifying workflows and expanding internal communications

Maximize your return on investments

by fully utilizing information sources and reducing the cost of lost opportunities


all of your content sources in one, easy to access content management platform


and edit to add further insights to key information sources


insights to the individuals who need them most in a way that suits their needs


through all your information sources to find the insights that matter to you


results based on a wide range of variables to refine the results


search filters to ensure easy access to insights when you need them

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Did you know?

The InfoDesk API is able to give you IT and development teams programmable access
to many of the product features listed above.