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An updated top ten list of venture capital resources for life science industry competitive intelligence professionals.

In the rapidly changing landscape of healthcare and finance, though, things move quickly, and major deals and developments can occur at any time. Here we will offer an update with ten new venture capital resources to keep information professionals aware and engaged with what’s happening in healthcare VC.

See our Healthcare Venture Capital Cheat Sheet from April, 2016. 

Healthcare Venture Capital Resources 

  1. ENDPOINTS provides an excellent report on biotech investing, including analysis, a sortable list of the top 100 VC firms investing in US biotech, and a more detailed view of the top 30 US biotech VCs.
  2. Modern Healthcare reports that hospitals and health systems are becoming venture capitalists as well, providing funding and serving as incubators and accelerators for up-and-coming healthcare entrepreneurs.
  3. HealthITAnalytics discusses the $1.4 billion in VC funding focused in healthcare IoT and big data in the first quarter of 2016. CB Insights has more on the Internet of Things, mapping 64 healthcare IoT startups.
  4. Bessemer Venture Capital names the top 175 companies disrupting the trillion-dollar healthcare market, noting that these disruptors create a massive opportunity for healthcare venture capitalists. A downloadable infographic and article are available. Tech Crunch provides further analysis.
  5. Health Affairs Blog considers the potential of venture-backed primary care, examining venture capital as a source of both potential innovation and much-needed funding for the cash-starved primary care system.
  6. Corporate venture capitals (CVCs) are targeting the home health space and making investments in digital health, according to Home Health Care News.
  7. Healthcare Dive explores the challenges faced by healthcare startups as venture capitalists slow their investment in digital health ventures and other life science startups.
  8. The Corporate Venture Connection outlines trends in healthcare CVCs, focusing on consolidation, M&A activity and the importance of scientific breakthroughs.
  9. Rock Health’s Q1 Update shows a record pace for digital health funding in 2016 so far and breaks down major deals, investment categories and M&A activity.
  10. A second Modern Healthcare analysis finds that venture capital firms are investing heavily into health insurance.

Once again, healthcare venture capital proves to be a complex and dynamic landscape rife with investment and innovation. From primary care offices to the Internet of Things, venture capitalists are pouring money into all manner of projects, always seeking the next breakout product or blockbuster startup.  Life science information, regulatory and competitive intelligence professionals will want to remain abreast of changes and developments in this booming area of healthcare. We will continue to monitor trends and resources and the VC landscape evolves.