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Search Multiple Drug Pipeline Databases Quickly and Easily

Until now, searching multiple drug pipeline databases has been a  time-consuming process that is fraught with guesswork. As such, it has been a skill of only the most experienced researchers and information professionals.

What's made it particularly challenging is it's required the ability to:

  • Search each source individually and master the idiosyncrasies of each system
  • Identify all of the "equivalent terms" among the data sources
  • Combine and analyze the results manually

InfoDesk's new pharmaceutical intelligence platform is an easy-to-use search interface that allows any user—from novice to infopro—to search multiple R&D pipeline sources and return fully reconciled results in just minutes.

Find out how to:

  • Search and compare drug pipeline data from multiple sources with a single platform
  • Eliminate the guesswork related to equivalent terms
  • De-duplicate search results instantly
  • Retrieve accurate results faster and more easily than ever before
  • Integrate easily with internal data sets
  • Personalize the taxonomy based on individual- or company-preferred terms
  • And much more...

Save time and increase productivity

See for yourself how much time and effort our new pharmaceutical intelligence platform can save your company!