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PharmaIntelligence – PipelinePlus

PipelinePlus greatly simplifies drug pipeline research


Make your drug pipeline research as easy as 1 - 2 - 3



  • Search the top databases with ONE simple search       
  • Get the consolidated results in seconds
  • Output to Excel and create charts with the click of a button


Time Saving

  • Customize and share records
  • Automate your favorite searches
  • Receive alerts and more



  • Integrate internal data
  • Link directly to related drug news
  • Use with other data visualization tools

The Drug Pipeline

Commercial drug pipeline databases use differing terms and often provide conflicting data. For many this makes drug pipeline research extremely  time-consuming and difficult, search results may be incomplete and/or unreliable as a basis for business analysis.



How PipelinePlus Works

PipelinePlus greatly simplifies drug pipeline searching by bridging (mapping) the key taxonomies of four commercial databases and providing instantly federated results, plus related drug news on a single, easy-to-use platform.

Let PipelinePlus Help 
  • Search multiple databases, compare and consolidate results
  • Facilitate integration of internal data
  • Link directly to related drug news
  • Annotate and share records
  • Create custom reports and track updates
“PipelinePlus maps and reconciles drug names across multiple sources – bringing together corresponding records from different databases.”
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Search across databases by:
  • Mechanism of Action
  • Drug name
  • Indication
  • Phase
  • Company
  • Country
  • Route of Administration


Now target your full-text searches by:
  • Drug Class
  • Technology
  • Development Summary
  • Clinical Studies
  • Drug Synonyms
  • Full Record