At a Glance: Targeted Intelligence

Keeping up with the latest news, information, and analysis on any single topic can be challenging. Trying to do it for hundreds or even thousands of topics may seem impossible. The targeted intelligence provided by InfoMonitor can meet these demands.

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disruption in the age of digital distrust
Monitoring for Disruption in the Age of Digital Distrust

Anticipating disruption is a challenge even with trustworthy information. This complimentary whitepaper explores the phenomena of digital distrust and discusses how to build robust solutions that can verify the trustworthiness of myriad sources of information.

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transforming information into targeted intelligence
Transforming Information into Targeted Intelligence

This whitepaper examines the best business strategies for curating content and targeting intelligence. With practical hints and tips, we focus on how targeted intelligence can help overcome the overwhelming volumes of business information that organizations are having to manage on a daily basis.

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