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The first rule of sales; know your market

4 steps to using information to drive the success of sales teams...

Turning competitor insights into competitive advantage

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Using information to unlock your competitive advantage – Part 2:

How information can be used to respond to macro-environmental ‘factors’ (not forces)...

Case Studies

Consulting through a crisis

Discover how a marketing team at a global consulting firm was able to effectively monitor their key account’s landscapes through a time of unprecedented disruption.

The Power of Ontologies in Pharmaceutical Research

Find out how one of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies ensure optimal data retrieval by using six of InfoDesk’s proprietary ontologies.

Remaining compliant in an ever-changing environment

“InfoDesk exceeded our expectations, obtaining over 90% satisfaction rating in our end-user survey.” Find out what we did for a Regulatory team at a multinational CRO to deserve this praise.

Latest Whitepapers

Harnessing the Power of Information

This whitepaper looks at how an organization can truly harness the power of information whilst maximizing the return on their time and financial investments. Within it you’ll find the tools and examples that you can use to calculate and communicate information ROI across your organization.

At a Glance: Targeted Intelligence

Keeping up with the latest news, information, and analysis on any single topic can be challenging. Trying to do it for hundreds or even thousands of topics may seem impossible. The targeted intelligence provided by InfoMonitor can meet these demands.

Monitoring for Disruption in the Age of Digital Distrust

Anticipating disruption is a challenge even with trustworthy information. This complimentary whitepaper explores the phenomena of digital distrust and discusses how to build robust solutions that can verify the trustworthiness of myriad sources of information.


Making Digital Transformation Work

Download our latest infographic to see how making data accessible, insightful and valuable can help your business make smarter decisions – now and in the future.

Harnessing the Power of Information

Find out what information overload could be costing you and your organization, and how you might overcome it, with our latest infographic.

The State of the Life Science Supply Chain

This infographic brings together a variety of data points to explore the impact of COVID-19 disruptions on the life science supply chain