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“>To successfully develop and launch products it is critical for medtech organizations to leverage the power of data, so you can take rigorous decisions based on empirical evidence. The speed and efficacy of a team to stay up to date with the latest trends and share timely insights directly correlates with a company’s ability to innovate, influencing teams throughout the product life cycle, from research & development through to regulatory affairs

InfoDesk has got you covered with an enterprise class solution to monitor, analyze and share a range of trends for IVD, medical devices and digital health. This empowers your team take important strategic decisions based on data, including resources allocation, product manufacturing and demand forecasting for markets.

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Competitive Intelligence

Collecting, analyzing and disseminating useful medical device CI is critical to success. However, it can be complex and challenging due to the volume of data and a lack of resources. That’s why InfoDesk’s powerful platform is specifically designed to consolidate large volumes of data, so you can cut through the noise and uncover the insights that actually matter.

Research and development

Keeping updated on the latest market trends, insights and technological shifts is crucial to generate new ideas through all phases of innovation and product development. However, the exponential growth of scientific and technical information results in teams struggling to gather and synthesize data. InfoDesk’s AI consolidates open and premium data into a centralized hub to help you accelerate and optimize innovation and uncover insights.

Regulatory and compliance

When an environment is as complex and ever-changing as the Medical Device industry, navigating the regulatory landscape effectively is critical. Organizations must track and monitor legislative and industry developments, draw actionable insights in real-time, and share these with key stakeholders. With InfoDesk, you can consolidate disparate content sources. We help empower your teams to efficiently uncover and review developments, triage them with your team and subject matter experts, to deliver a proactive regulatory strategy focused on action-oriented outcomes. 


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