Augmenting human expertise with intelligent technology

Once our Smarter Data Technology has acquired, integrated and enriched information from the data sources most important to you, our experienced editorial team reviews and filters this information to deliver highly targeted intelligence – in a way which suits your organization best.

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Our experienced editorial team

Learns your business inside and out

enabling them to hand-select only the most useful information, going beyond the headlines to add analysis and context to business information

Combats information overload

By removing data silos and semantically linking information together, we can ensure previously hidden insights are now available across your organization.

Is content neutral

using a diverse range of information sources so that the news delivered to each client is based on usefulness and validity rather than the preference of one content provider

Our work with clients has included:

  • Producing highly targeted intelligence briefings, delivered at daily, weekly and monthly intervals
  • Delivering curated feeds of headlines and content to purpose-built information portals, customer-facing websites and within pre-existing SharePoints instances
  • Building custom taxonomies to make internal and external information easier to access
  • Expanding their content networks by utilizing sector-specific experience and uncovering highly relevant but niche information sources
  • Leveraging internal and subscription content to build immediate actionable intelligence
  • Creating complex search strings to power their InfoViewer and put the power of information monitoring in their hands

Gain deeper insights into your industry with InfoDesk's Analyst Services

We deliver bespoke market reports with insights and analysis from our expert team to help guide future decision-making for your organization.