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We have been working with organizations to digitally transform their information infrastructure by making data accessible, insightful, and valuable for over 20 years.


Let InfoDesk be your companion on the journey to digital transformation.


The 3 key areas of information digital transformation:


By ingesting and normalizing your information and data sets we can provide centralized access to your organization’s information


Combining the best of human expertise with the latest in AI-technology to find the information that truly matters to you


Building a solution that meets each and every one of your end-users’ needs now and in the future

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So how do we work with you to build an information infrastructure that will last?

Integrating data

Organizations rely on huge facets of information; the increasing amount, variety, and complexity can pose a significant challenge in your digital transformation journey.


Internal proprietary information versus insights published externally; numerative versus qualitative; open-source versus subscription – these are all types and varieties of information that you rely on in your organization, daily.


To succeed in a digital transformation that lasts, it is crucial that you have the ability to integrate and normalize this variety of data in real-time so that you can:


  1. Centralize all of your information sources to reduce the chance of missing business-critical insights
  2. Ensure interoperability across your information to maximize the use and value of your sources
  3. Identify emerging trends, risks and threats as well as business opportunities easier than ever before


Content is key in developing a solution that will last beyond tomorrow

InfoDesk’s COO, Lynn Epstein, discusses some of the challenges that information presents when developing a long-lasting information solution and what an organization needs to consider to get it right.

Surfacing insights

Centralizing your information sources isn’t enough for a solution of the future. You need to have the ability to discern the noise from the signal and draw out the critical insights so that you can make the smartest decisions possible – both now and in the future.


This can be achieved through our technology process we call Semi-supervised AI, a process that combines the latest AI technologies alongside human expertise to ensure that you’re able to surface actionable insights, specific to your business.


Surfacing insights through AI (not that one): Augmented intelligence

InfoDesk’s Director of Editorial Services, Tiki Archambeau and Taxonomy Manager, Ryan Williams shine a light on how technology and human expertise can be combined to surface the insights that really matter.

Engaging users

Once you’ve built a future-proofed information infrastructure, you need to ensure that it is accessible for your end-users. This is everything from the delivery method, to the timeliness, to the level of detail of insights, and much more.


But how do you develop a solution that caters to every individual’s needs, now and in the future?


The answer is a delivery system that is personalizable. Where users can change their information preferences, the format, and timeframe in which their information is delivered to match their needs.


Building a personalized solution… for everyone

InfoDesk’s Marketing Director, Jade Thompson, shares her insights on three critical considerations necessary in making your end-user the central focus of your digital transformation today.

Let us be your companion on your digital transformation journey

 Whether you’re about to embark on your digital transformation journey, or you’re already on your way, putting our technology and workflow management tools at the center will ensure you build and shape an information infrastructure that meets your needs today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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