How to Find Consultant Directories for Niche Industries

Directories of Niche Consultants, By Industry

Finding consultants and consulting firms that specialize in niche industries can be challenging. Directories of such professionals can often be buried in subsections of professional association websites or only available behind paid firewalls. This list provides names and descriptions of free directories that list various specialty industry consultants. Additionally, some helpful steps for finding other niche consulting directories are provided.


Building envelopes are considered to be the outer shell of a structure/building that helps to maintain the proper indoor environment of cool/dry/warm temperatures. RCI, Inc. is a professional association of building envelope consultants that provides a directory of their international members. Further subdivisions of specialties are searchable in the directory, such as residential housing, student housing and roof consulting.

The Site Selection Directory allows searching consultants with expertise in finding the right property for given enterprises. This resource can be searched by name, location, industry specialty, service specialty and by the number of years of experience. The consultant’s name, contact details, specialties and a brief description of the services are provided in each record.

Financial Industry

Actuarial Consultants

The Conference of Consulting Actuaries has an online directory that provides contact details for consultants with expertise in actuarial services. Specific practice areas of the professionals can be filtered, such as pensions, life insurance or casualty insurance.

Insurance Fraud Consultants

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud has a listing of consultants on its website. Contact details of each consultant and a brief blurb about their services are provided.


Composites Consultants

The Composites Consultants website offers a list, alphabetical by country, of experts in the composites industry. Brief details of many companies are provided, such as those firms having specialties in thermoplastics and fiberglass.

Industrial Hygiene Consultants

The American Industrial Hygiene Association provides a directory of consultants. Filtering features include finding a consultant by service type, such as residential or commercial.

Pumps and Hydraulics Consultants

The Hydraulic Institute has a directory of consultants on its website. The interface is quite robust, with filters including area of expertise, product specialties and markets served.

Wood Dust Consultants

Wood dust can be potentially hazardous in any industrial setting. Expert consultants that work in this field can be found in the American Wood Council’s Wood Dust Consultants Directory. Full contact details and a brief description of the consultants’ services are provided.


Cleanroom Consultants

Experts that advise clients regarding cleanroom best practices and affiliated services can be found in the Kompass directory. This vast database searches all types of businesses, but it also has ways to search for sub-specialties such as cleanroom consultancies.


3D Printing Consultants

The 3D Printing Business Directory offers a listing of consultancies that are experts in 3D printing. Full details of their service offerings are provided.

Machine Learning Consultants

KDnuggets lists consultants that are experts in machine learning and affiliated sciences. Hyperlinks to homepages and brief descriptions are provided.

SEO Consultants

Some publishers overtly recommend certain consultants, not merely listing them. Moz is such a company that list consultants that they feel are the top ones for SEO (search engine optimization) advisory.

User Experience Consultants

The User Experience Professionals Association offers a directory of expert consultants. Such specifics as visual design, focus groups or usability testing expertise can be searched in order to find the right adviser.

Assorted Other Niche Consultants

Acoustical Consultants

Specialists in acoustical science can be found in the directory of the National Council of Acoustical Consultants. A PDF download is also available for the entire database of listings.

Graduate Admissions Consultants

There are consultants that actually help undergraduates to plan their admission process to graduate schools. The Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants (AIGAC) has a directory that helps students and parents to find such an adviser.

Price Benchmarking Consultants

Benchmarking of prices is of interest across numerous industries. The Purchasing Supply Sourcing Guide has a consulting directory that includes listings for various types of purchasing consultants, including price benchmarking specialists.

Silicon Valley-based Consultants

There are various directories on the Internet that list geography-specific consultants, and the Consultants’ Network of Silicon Valley is one such entity. This directory contains California-based experts that are from an array of fields, including patent analysis, systems architecture and medical devices.

How to Search for Directories of Other Niche Consultants

When searching for a niche consultant, certain research tactics can aid in finding lists of such professionals. Below are helpful steps to do in order to search for niche consultants.

Search Professional/Trade Association Websites

Quite often, on professional association websites, they have an online members directory or a resources area of helpful links. So, when searching for drone consultants, one may first search on Google for professional associations within the drone industry.

Search for Directories

Try generally searching Google for the consulting skill needed, plus the words “consultants” and “directory.” So, a sample Google search string may be: demolition consultants directory

Search LinkedIn

A Google X-ray search against LinkedIn may help to find profiles of niche consultants. For example, if you wanted to find consultants with specialties in Instagram, the following Google string may work: “Instagram consulting” OR “Instagram consultant” – The results will show several hundred worldwide LinkedIn profiles in which the person notes his or her expertise in Instagram consulting.

Of course, with any directory or database, due diligence must be performed when choosing a skilled consultant. By interviewing the consultant and reading client recommendations or testimonials, a knowledgeable choice can be made.