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WideNarrowOct 8, 2019< 1 min read

Q4 Customer Webinars

We thank all customers for participating in our many Webinars!

Please mark the following dates in your calendar to join more Open Webinars during Q4 2019:

Oct 8 at 4 PM CEST: Upcoming Visual Update and New Features in Wide Narrow

Oct 22 at 4 PM CEST: My Wide Narrow Month

Nov 5 at 4 PM CEST: How do I best use Wide Narrow’s Analysis and Reporting Function?

Nov 19 at 4 PM CEST: How do I analyze Trends in Wide Narrow?

Dec 3 at 4 PM CEST: How do I set up Subscriptions for my organization?

Invitations will be sent out a week in advance. Welcome!

If for some reason, you’re not receiving invitations, please contact: