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Expand your distribution to worldwide customers who rely on InfoDesk for integration of their news and information. InfoDesk provides full customer service including content integration and on-going support for the controlled distribution of your content within InfoDesk applications.

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Keep up with the

Fast Pace of Technology

Publishers these days are under enough pressure without also having to keep up with ever changing technology and subscriber expectations.

It seems no sooner does a publisher finish a long awaited new publishing platform and something new comes along rendering it out-of-date. Meanwhile customer demand for 24/7/365 seamless, password-free, copyright compliant content access keeps escalating.


How we can help

Since our inception, InfoDesk has worked behind the scenes to help publishers enhance and protect their content delivery using our state-of-the-art information services. In fact, our partners include the world's largest and best-known information content brands.


Why not join the hundreds of information providers that currently distribute their content via InfoDesk?


Turn to InfoDesk for:
  • Complete content integration
  • 24/7 Feed processing and support
  • Rights management
  • Single sign on/IP authentication
  • Secure, redundant delivery

Plus, responsive technical and customer support for the distribution of your content within InfoDesk applications.


How To Partner With InfoDesk

Premium sales of publishers' feeds

Simplify your sales and support efforts by allowing InfoDesk to do the work. We'll introduce your content to qualified customers. InfoDesk will normalize the format of your data and enhance the metadata to quicken the integration process and increase revenue-earning opportunities.


Process and deliver your content to your customers

Need a service to deliver your information to your customers? Let InfoDesk do it for you and eliminate the hassle. InfoDesk provides a processing service that can be used for direct, reliable delivery to your customers. In addition, we'll standardize the format and deliver your content to your customers in a variety of electronic distribution methods.


Interested in joining our network?

To learn more about joining our network or partnering with InfoDesk, please contact us.