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InfoDesk has built a team of highly skilled and experienced editors, researchers and information professionals dedicated to delivering expertly targeted news and business information—just the way you want it.

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There is No Substitute for

Human Intelligence

Despite huge investments in both content and technology to combat information overload, too many organizations and information users are still being inundated by an overwhelming volume of headlines, emails, tweets and other content noise.

In fact, every day more information users than ever are scrambling to cobble together patchwork intelligence on their own, costing organizations untold millions in wasted time and lost productivity.

The challenge is how to monitor all of those channels effectively to capture the most relevant information for your organization and, more importantly, how to deliver that information to users in a timely, useable format.


Easy-to-Use-iconEasy-to-Use-iconExpertly targeted content

Unlike time and resource draining in-house solutions; expensive news clipping and media monitoring services; or hit-or-miss tech products, InfoDesk offers corporations,  government agencies and other organizations a full range of custom editorial services to enhance their information management solutions.

Our highly experienced team of information professionals can help you create a custom news and media monitoring briefing that meets your organization’s most exacting information demands.


Technology + Content + Editors

We combine our state-of-the-art technology with professional editorial review, we provide a unique service that scans and filters your preferred content sources and delivers only the most relevant clips. Without redundancy and without draining your resources.


Dedicated to learning your business

More importantly, our team learns your business, inside and out, so we can go beyond the headlines to provide meaningful news in context. Every day we work to bring you the trends and spot potential risks and opportunities that can help drive your business.

Intelligent. Reliable. Affordable.