2020 Vision: The Future of Business Information 



Content Tools

Find out how InfoDesk helps one top life sciences company meet the needs of its 60,000 worldwide employees by integrating scientific news and content into workflow solutions at both the department and group level.

[+] Integrate Content Into Workflow



Find out how InfoDesk helps meet the business information needs of their leadership, sales and marketing professionals worldwide with “actionable” daily news resources focused on new business development opportunities. 

[+] Find New Business Development Opportunities


Content Integration

Find out how InfoDesk makes it simple for government agencies to integrate, deliver and share content resources more quickly, cost effectively and securely.

[+] Keep Content Flowing with Real-time Feed Processing


Dynamic Search

Find out how InfoDesk increased the value of PipelinePlus, part of the InfoDesk PharmaIntelligence Suite. Dynamic Search made it faster and easier to search multiple pipeline databases, compare the results, and produce reports, leveraging the value of company expertise and premium licensed resources.

[+] Increase the Value of PipelinePlus