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Widgets – InfoDesk iWidgets

Our iWidgets include news, stock, search, archive, and analytics to name a few.


Deployed. Integrated. Shared.



  • Easy to search or browse
  • Easy to retrieve and export
  • Easy to deploy and administer


Time Saving

  • Reduce time spend looking for information
  • Raise content visibility and awareness
  • Promote information resource usage



  • Off-the-shelf or custom topics
  • Multiple format options available
  • Deploys to any web page or portal 

InfoDesk iWidgets

Make your critical content more visible. InfoDesk iWidgets are a simple solution to deploying critical information across your organization.

How iWidget Works

InfoDesk iWidgets are designed to help integrate specific content sets and facilitate access. InfoDesk offers a number of iWidgets, including news, stock, search, archive, and analytics to name a few. Additionally, InfoDesk can easily create custom iWidgets that can deliver virtually any type of content to your portal or Web page.

Let iWidget help:
  • Share important news or developments across your organization
  • Effortlessly update Web and portals with fresh content
  • Reduce the burden on information and IT departments

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“I need to enhance the value of my information portal – deploying the right information across the company at the right time and in the best way. iWidgets help me do that.”
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