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Federated Search

Federated Search gives users access to your online content, how they work.


Simplify your searching with our Federated Search.



  • Search all your online content with a single query
  • Include any type of content, including all subscription, licensed and free sources, plus eBooks and more
  • Simple and advanced query options allow search by keyword, topic, publication, date and more. 


Time Saving

  • Sort and export options easily organize and output search results
  • Faceted results quickly refine search results
  • Reduces the failed and redundant searching



  • Available as a standalone widget or integrated on a portal or Intranet
  • Works with most CMS including SharePoint
  • Deploys quickly and easily

A Better 
Way To Search Your Content

Federated Search is our customized search tool that allows users to search all of their organization's online content resources with a single query. 

How Federated Search Works

Federated Search makes it easy for organizations to provide their users with a fast, easy way to search all their online content resources, perform simple and advanced searches and even sort and export results. Best of all it can be easily added to your current online library or integrated into a portal or Intranet.

Let Federated Search help:
  • Improve access to and usage of online information resources
  • Facilitate sharing with easy export options, including Word and PDF
  • Increase productivity and reduce  redundant/failed searches
  • Decrease reliance on search engines for research
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”Without an effective way to search company knowledge resources and retrieve meaningful answers, organizations are placing themselves and their employees at a considerable disadvantage."
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