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Content Tools – InfoViewer

InfoViewer is the perfect, all-in-one content tool for managing and sharing all of your information resources. 


Get more from your content with InfoViewer.



  • Manage and share the right content effortlessly
  • Create professional briefings with just a few clicks
  • Automate delivery of customized emails to any device


Time Saving

  • Automatically monitor hundreds of topics on one platform
  • No more tedious searching and manual processing
  • Multiply your productivity in a fraction of the time


Fully Customizable

  • Endless sources—countless topics
  • Customer-branded briefings and email templates
  • Curate and distribute content to any portal

all your content

InfoViewer includes everything needed to integrate all content sources on a one platform, select and organize content by topic or keyword and share information internally using intuitive publishing tools.

How InfoViewer works:

InfoViewer helps information professionals monitor and manage multiple topic areas simultaneously with less effort than ever. Plus, InfoViewer makes it easy to create and send email newsletters and briefings, automate daily email updates and alerts and much more.

Let InfoViewer help:
  • Drive personalized information delivery, uptake and usage
  • Slash the time users spend searching for content
  • Monitor and track usage of information resources
  • Maximize the ROI of your content investments

See InfoViewer in Action

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“InfoViewer helps me find the right content, fast and deliver it in a compelling way to the people that need it most in my organization.”
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