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Mobile Apps - InfoPro

InfoPro is an app for mobile access to business information. 


Receive crucial news from any premium or free content resource at your organization on your smartphone or tablet.


Quality Solution

  • Delivers crucial, timely business information to smartphones and tablets
  • Formats content for consistent look and feel
  • Offers a content-neutral feed worth sharing


Archiving Newsletters

  • Saves company newsletters for future reference
  • Keeps newsletters from cluttering up your inbox
  • Maintains a place to go and catch up on what you may have deleted


Personalized Experience

  • Features your organization's branding
  • Offers social media sharing options for pushing crucial content where it needs to go
  • Delivers content to you based on your past favorites

Mobile Access
to Actionable Intelligence

Rely on our experience to leverage business information via powerful tools with a broader range than ever before.


How InfoPro Works:

InfoPro is a mobile app customers can personalize through interaction. With InfoPro, social media sharing options further enhance the experience of using the app. Through InfoDesk’s content integration, InfoPro is continually fed relevant, timely business information that your organization can leverage in the office or anywhere a smartphone can go. InfoPro can even access archives of your newsletters, extending their value.

Let InfoPro help:
  • Deliver trusted content via a mobile application

  • Provide your organization with an easy-to-access home for newsletters

  • Harness the power of content integration in the palm of your hand

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