Monitoring for Disruption in the Age of Digital Distrust


New InfoDesk white paper explores the business consequences of untrustworthy information  

InfoDesk has released a new, complimentary 7-page white paper that explores the phenomena of digital distrust, disruption and the subject matter analysts needed to navigate those connected trends.

The white paper goes further than "fake news" to analyze other varieties of misleading information that impact businesses, including native advertising and marketing content itself.

With its focus on the need to monitor a wide range of sources for innovation, this white paper follows the history of a disrupted industry: print media.

Other topics covered:
  • How Facebook's response to "fake news" in January 2018 could backfire 
  • Why to monitor untrustworthy information closely

The report presents a monitoring solution no organization can ignore. To learn how targeted intelligence helps businesses overcome distrust and outmaneuver disruption, download the complimentary white paper now.