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Digital Therapeutics: The Next Major Trend in Healthcare?

by Kari Walgran on Nov 18, 2016 11:49:40 AM

What are digital therapeutics, and how do they work?

Digital therapeutics have generated a great deal of recent attention throughout the healthcare industry, with some sources declaring them the “next big thing” in healthcare. With the potential to induce lifestyle changes, enhance medical treatments, and reduce healthcare costs, digital therapeutics have a lot to offer to consumers, providers and payers.

Read on to learn more about this growing field, its potential applications, and where the market is expected to go over the next few years.

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Topics: Digital Health Technology, Healthcare Trends, Digital Transformation, Digital Therapeutics

New Wearable Breaks Boundaries by Monitoring Biochemical and Electrical Signals

by Kari Walgran on Sep 26, 2016 1:41:53 PM

The Chem-Phys patch brings medical tricorders one step closer to reality.

Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed a device that breaks new ground in the wearables market. The Chem-Phys patch simultaneously monitors and records both biochemical and electrical signals in the body. This new technology goes beyond familiar fitness trackers and presents new possibilities for the health and wellness applications of wearable technology.

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Topics: Digital Health, Digital Transformation, Wearable Technology

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