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Information Security of Containers Still in Development

by Leonard Hancock on April 27, 2017

Security concerns around container-based virtualization continue to haunt a promising technology

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Container-based virtualization has emerged as one of the top trends in enterprise IT over the last five years. Containers offer a level of flexibility and efficiency that is lacking in Virtual Machines (VMs), allowing cross platform integration. But in certain and crucial respects, container-based VMs lack the security of a VM running a dedicated operating system. 

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Topics: Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Containers

The Upside of Containers in a Virtual Environment

by Leonard Hancock on April 13, 2017

What Is Containerization, and How Is It Changing Virtualization? 


The necessity for running applications on different platforms has long posed a challenge for IT developers, and this issue was initially addressed by the development of virtual machines (VMs) to enable multiple operating systems (OSs) on a single server.

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Topics: Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Containers

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