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Understanding Semantic Search

by Leonard Hancock on August 17, 2017

Semantic search technology creates challenges and opportunities for businesses retrieving, optimizing and publishing content.Fotolia_136877852_XS.jpg

In today’s world, businesses have come to expect immediate, relevant answers to their queries, whether on the Internet or searching in-house repositories of data. Receiving these answers provides competitive advantage, allowing companies to leverage information for actionable intelligence. The ability to manage and share relevant data can determine business success or failure.

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The Future of Search Engines - Semantic Search

by Patty Wood on October 18, 2016

A review of online tools utilizing semantic search.  Semantic_Search.jpg

As the Internet evolves, exciting new types of search engines are developing, providing researchers with valuable enhancements to their search experiences. Assorted tools are especially useful for information professionals and knowledge workers. Such features as real-time mathematical computations, semantic interpretation and automatic indexing/tagging/categorizing of results sets are now available in many online tools.

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