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HPC and Data Lakes Lower Cost and Increase Flexibility of Big Data

by Leonard Hancock on May 12, 2017

When leveraged for big data projects, high-performance computing and data lakes are an attractive alternative to structured data warehouses.


Businesses today have found that managing big data presents its own set of challenges; when thousands of sources are accessed and collected, the process of handling information becomes difficult. The older method of storage—filing information in a directory that ranks it according to its relative importance (referred to as a data warehouse)—is an expensive way to treat large data volumes. Enter the data lake as a solution.

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Topics: Big Data, Unstructured Data, Data Lakes

New BCBS Resource Leverages Data Analytics, GIS Tools to Map Wellness

by Kari Walgran on December 19, 2016

Learning from BCBS's Health Index about big data trends in the healthcare industry.

Health Index

Blue Cross Blue Shield recently released its Health Index, an interactive, data-based tool that measures health and wellness across the United States.

The Health Index combines GIS tools with de-identified member data from millions of BCBS members, resulting in a searchable, interactive map showing health scores for every county in the nation.

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Topics: Digital Health, Healthcare Trends, Big Data

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