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Competitive Intelligence Briefings - Case Study

Finding New Business Development Opportunities

The Challenge:

To meet the business information needs of their leadership, sales and marketing professionals worldwide with actionable daily news resources focused on new business development opportunities.

Learn how:

  • One global package delivery company is gaining competitive advantage by effectively monitoring all sources and types of business news for any potential opportunities and threats—particularly as they relate to competitors and key accounts—and then quickly notifying key team members so they can act on the information.


  • Creating a “sales‐focused” news and media monitoring and alerting service is complex. Creating one that sales team members will use and value is even more challenging. That is why the Corporate Intel Group (CIG) at one of the top-­‐three global package delivery companies turned to InfoDesk.


  • Each business day, a team of highly—qualified InfoDesk editors filters, analyzes and selects relevant articles from the major wire services, newspapers, magazines, trade press, government and association sites, blogs and reputable Web sites for relevant content. Then they hand select the top items, write and publish an InfoMonitor sales brief.
  • And more...

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