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Case Study

Improving the Efficiency of Information Management

Optimizing content management and improving the value of subscription sources

Businesses today are information hungry, requiring massive amounts of content in a bid to become data-driven. However, despite investing in a wide variety of information sources, organizations are still facing significant challenges in this quest. InfoDesk’s latest case study takes a look at how organizations may overcome these challenges to make data-driven leadership a reality. Complete the form to download the case study.

We cover:

  • How to understand the content your organization has and the content it needs
  • Consolidating subscription licenses across the organization to reduce costs
  • Enhancing the accessibility and visibility of premium and open web sources
  • A real-life example of how a financial services organization saved 15% by consolidating licenses and optimizing subscriptions


This case study is a must-read for any professionals looking to optimize their content management and delivery to drive the value of subscription sources in their organization.


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