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Carving Out a Niche in Consulting Services: A Review of Consulting Trends

by Patty Wood on Dec 7, 2016 9:56:58 AM

As new trends inevitably develop, consultants may find ample opportunities to help people by finding a niche in ever changing technology and new social trends.

Throughout the decades, consultants have always had to align themselves with the demands of clients. Offering expertise in particular specialties was always a way to increase the odds of acquiring and retaining clients. Searching for a niche within consulting services is not a new tactic. Even in previous decades, books on consulting suggested that finding a niche is beneficial. Such books include Consulting: The Complete Guide to a Profitable Career written by Robert E. Kelley in the 1980s. The book contained a section that highlighted how having a market niche was important, explaining how to identify a growing market and price accordingly. Today, a multitude of business articles are describing the high demand niches that are available for skilled consultants.

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