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Researchers Find Business Value in Tools for Sentiment Analysis

by Patty Wood on Jul 18, 2017 12:22:36 PM

Content searchers are gaining new insight by measuring responses to news and social media

Editor's Note: InfoDesk provides the services described in this article - including social media monitoring and sentiment analysis - through our curated content solutions or integrated into more extensive projectsThe free offerings mentioned here add even more business value when coordinated with curated content and editorial insight. 

Information professionals are constantly trying to find added value tools to bring insights to vast amounts of data. A whole new generation of such services is now becoming available, providing sentiment analysis, positive / negative “scores” and geo-located heat mapping of news and comments. Online tools for sentiment analysis have been proliferating, allowing researchers and analysts to gain deep insight into news stories and social media commentary. Assorted sentiment tools are profiled below, offering a broad array of analysis capabilities.


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How to Find Consultant Directories for Niche Industries

by Patty Wood on Jun 27, 2017 3:40:10 PM

Directories of Niche Consultants, By Industry

Finding consultants and consulting firms that specialize in niche industries can be challenging. Directories of such professionals can often be buried in subsections of professional association websites or only available behind paid firewalls. This list provides names and descriptions of free directories that list various specialty industry consultants. Additionally, some helpful steps for finding other niche consulting directories are provided.


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Fintech Startups Offer Alternative Career Paths for Consultants

by Patty Wood on May 22, 2017 8:52:56 AM

Consulting giants and major financial institutions now compete with fintech startups for top talent

Graduation is often an exciting time when finishing an MBA. Historically, one of the rights of passage for such graduates would be offers from consulting firms. Major financial institutions, likewise, would also be recruiting from this pool. Within recent years, however, a new industry is eagerly hiring business school graduates. The financial technology industry, also known as “fintech,” is sending representatives to networking events. These representatives, often from small startups, are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with recruiters from established consulting firms and well-known banks, and all three have a respectable chance to secure talented new employees. Increasingly, hungry fintechs are the ones luring MBAs away from larger organizations.


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