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Fintech Startups Offer Alternative Career Paths for Consultants

by Patty Wood on May 22, 2017 8:52:56 AM

Consulting giants and major financial institutions now compete with fintech startups for top talent

Graduation is often an exciting time when finishing an MBA. Historically, one of the rights of passage for such graduates would be offers from consulting firms. Major financial institutions, likewise, would also be recruiting from this pool. Within recent years, however, a new industry is eagerly hiring business school graduates. The financial technology industry, also known as “fintech,” is sending representatives to networking events. These representatives, often from small startups, are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with recruiters from established consulting firms and well-known banks, and all three have a respectable chance to secure talented new employees. Increasingly, hungry fintechs are the ones luring MBAs away from larger organizations.

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Digital Agencies and Consulting Firms Converge and Compete

by Patty Wood on Apr 19, 2017 9:34:06 AM

From analytics to advertising, agencies and consultancies are covering more and more of the same ground.

Consultancies have always evolved along with the latest technologies. As digital advertising and marketing have gained in popularity in the last decade, consulting firms have increasingly seen this service offering as an attractive add-on to their existing expertise. Likewise, digital agencies have seen how consulting firms gain access to high level executives in firms, and they have sought to add analytical expertise along with their design services.

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International Consulting Culture and the Gig Economy

by Patty Wood on Mar 17, 2017 1:44:31 PM

How corporate culture in the consulting industry differs between the US and Europe 

Consultants across the globe can quite often perform identical types of interactions with clients such as careful communication and expert assistance with a business challenge. Some differences abound, however, among consultants that do business within the United States and Europe. Some publications have addressed this issue, reviewing similarities and differences in office culture, salaries and work-life balance.

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